The nodes form the core of the Consortium with each node having a lead agency responsible for coordinating the GlobalSoilMap activities for the countries in the node. Responsibilities include:

  • leadership in its broadest sense
  • convening scientific and non-scientific activities and providing digital infrastructure (the network of platforms such as software and servers)
  • maintaining the necessary computing and spatial data infrastructure to ensure online serving of data and information from the node into the global system
  • stimulating digital soil mapping activities including quality assurance, training and communication with soil and other organisations in the node
  • fundraising activities for the node and other soil and land management centres
  • promoting a network of contributing agencies to each component of the global soil information system.

The Oceania node is coordinated by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and will develop the GlobalSoilMap through collaboration, capacity development, shared experiences and skills and a joint approach to funding and support. Capacity development will seek to build technical skills and experience in each country to share soil information that will benefit all.

For additional information on governance contact: