Draft Technical Specifications for GlobalSoilMap products

The GlobalSoilMap project is establishing a consistent way of measuring, modelling and mapping soil across the world.

An important part of the project is determining the technical specifications that all involved in the project will use as they develop their data products to contribute to the project.

GlobalSoilMap specifications draft v2.3 [doc 1.5MB] describes the GlobalSoilMap specifications. This specifies the digital soil map data product in terms of properties, specified depths, uncertainties, spatial resolutions, grids and entities. (It does not describe methods for producing the data products.)

Audience: this document is designed for people involved in the GlobalSoilMap project and other soil mapping experts who might be interested in the development of these specifications.

Do you have questions? Please contact us at info [at] oceaniasoil [dot] net if you’d like to ask a question about this document or specifications.

Authors: The first version of the specifications was written by Bob MacMillan of ISRIC (World Data Center for Soils) and updated by Alex McBratney of the University of Sydney and Dominique Arrouays of INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research). This version of the specifications is currently under consideration for final endorsement.