Data and products

Consistent, reliable, and relevant information for the policies of our time is the main goal of GlobalSoilMap. It is an important project for the world. It will allow local datasets to be comparable and exchanged at no cost and with no restrictions on access or use.

The Oceania partners conduct a range of research projects and develop data products that are consistent with the GlobalSoilMap methods and approaches. These data and products currently reside with their home agencies and links to these are provided below.


Some of the first GlobalSoilMap products are now available: 1. new digital elevation model (DEM) surfaces (known as 3 second SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) DEM and 2. new solar radiation surfaces. These products (along with mineralogy maps) are available:

New Zealand

Landcare Research has developed the Land Resource Information System portal. LRIS is a powerful online resource to assist people in understanding New Zealand’s diverse natural environments and resources.

The LRIS portal provides geospatial datasets that include records from the New Zealand land resource inventory, data underpinning the land environments NZ (LENZ) data set, fundamental soils layers, regional soil databases and digital elevation models. These datasets are applicable in a diverse range of applications and to a range of users.

LRIS allows the user to download environmental data for use in GIS and other applications that can handle geospatial data for mapping, querying and spatial analysis. Each data layer is accompanied by metadata, supporting documents, and easy-to-understand data use licenses making the data usable as well as accessible. Users can download as little data as they require for the area they are interested in and can download what they need when they need it, making the Portable very usable.