Since its launch in February 2011, the Oceania node has achieved:

  • collaboration: A program of regular meetings of collaborating partners at different levels has led to the development of a community of practice
  • capacity development and training: Numerous training opportunities, and the sharing of skills and knowledge is building capacity amongst the nodal partner agencies
  • consistent soil sampling methodologies: Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia, have incorporated the GlobalSoilMap approach into national operational plans and each has active projects developing aspects of the grid
  • connection between data systems for example New Zealand’s online soil portal, S-map and the Australian Soil Resource Information System

The Oceania node is gathering soil information relevant at many scales; from the farm to the region to the continent to build a free, easily-accessible, ‘next generation map’ of the world’s soils. All partners in the node are building the technology and knowledge in their own ways relevant to their particular countries and needs. Country-specific achievements can be found here.