Oceania node of the GlobalSoilMap project

The Oceania node was launched in February 2011 in Bogor. The node is one of eight nodes of the GlobalSoilMap project and is a collaborative partnership of soil science institutions from countries of the Pacific, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia:

The Oceania node is funded through agency investments as well as additional allocations. We welcome funding and additional node partners.

Current funders are:

Global collaboration

The GlobalSoilMap project is not just global in name. It is not just creating a global database of information on soil properties. It is also a global collaboration of relevant government and scientific agencies. Scientists and technologists from around the world are working together to share knowledge and experience.

GlobalSoilMap project objectives:

  • provide soil data in a form that will meet the demands of a broad range of users, including governments, natural resource managers, educational institutions, planners, researchers and agriculturalists
  • provide the global scientific community with soil information in a format that can be readily used for a range of modelling and evaluation studies
  • enable scientists from all parts of the world to exchange information and benefit from rapid changes in technology.


There are three levels of governance of GlobalSoilMap: the Nodes; the Consortium and the Scientific Panel. The scientific panel provides strategic advice to the Consortium and the nodes. The Consortium undertakes to:

  • coordinate scientific activities and promote and stimulate all GlobalSoilMap activities
  • achieve consensus on membership to each Node
  • encourage members of the Consortium to seek mutually beneficial opportunities for funding of projects that support the Consortium’s goal.